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I have been berated at customer service designed for returning a product and for making the complaint that I have been charged designed for multiples when I have purchased only individual. This type of service has got en route for stop.

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I guess they don't need the business after that obviously don't care about their senior city-dweller clientele. I was refunded my 8 dollars but that still doesnt cover my chat or time. I am disgusted at this treatment. I was shocked when she alleged she would not honor this as I have made the same purchase hundreds of times, at the same location, with immeasurable people, and various managers!! While my diminutive child is upset she is still trying to argue with Her GM the price!! I will no longer shop at so as to location as there are others in the area where customers are treated with abide by. When I said no please have an employee do it, the cashier sarcastically alleged OhhhhKayyy and rolled her eyes. I be obliged to say I am completely shocked at the level of ignorance and disrespect displayed en route for me today by a customer service manager!! And even after no apology nothing allay trying to have her way!

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