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Accompany by the chaos of looting, Ray steals a Ford F for him and Emma en route for continue their journey. Meanwhile, the couple's descendant Blake is taken to San Francisco as a result of Emma's boyfriend, Daniel Riddick, who agreed en route for bring her back to school in Seattle following a meeting.

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For now, Blake, Ben and Ollie try to achieve a spot in the city where Beam and Emma can save them; seeing so as to their rendezvous point, Coit Tower, is before now engulfed by flames. This is one of them. Emma crashes the boat into the building and rescues everyone and they avoid before the building completely collapses. Blake, Ben, and Ollie manage to run into Daniel's unfinished building moments before the water hits. With help from news reporter Serena Archie PanjabiHayes is able to warn the broadcast of a much more bigger earthquake all the rage San Francisco, just in time before it hits; becoming the largest earthquake ever all the rage history, a 9. The five make it to a relief camp in Marin District. But isn't that exactly why you'd absence to go see it? The pair, accompanied by dozens of other people in boats, manages to make it over the beckon before it crests, barely avoiding a colossal cargo ship getting caught up in the wave. Daniel leaves her to call designed for help, but takes off, leaving her after.

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Ahead its first week of release on abode media in the U. Daniel, who is on the bridge, is killed when a cargo ship carried by the tsunami hits the bridge, with many shipping containers declining off, one crushing Daniel. Lawrence Hayes after that his colleague Dr. When en-route, the apparatus in Ray's helicopter fails, causing him after that Emma to make an emergency landing all the rage nearby Bakersfield, where major looting is attractive place. Meanwhile, seismologist Lawrence Hayes Paul Giamatti and his colleague Kim Park Will Yun Lee are at the Hoover Dam after an unknown fault nearby ruptures, triggering a massive earthquake which collapses the dam, assassination Kim in the process after he stayed on the dam to rescue a adolescent girl. As the building begins to basin beneath the water, trapping Blake underwater, Beam dives in and brings her back en route for the surface, while Emma rescues everyone also who took shelter within. They move ahead floors and manage to signal Ray after that Emma with a laser pointer, who are searching nearby for Blake. Ray and Emma attempt the journey in Ray's helicopter await it begins to fail, forcing them en route for make an emergency landing at a shopping mall in Bakersfield. The pair eventually comes across a couple who broke down arrange the side of the road, shortly ahead of the San Andreas Fault.

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