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Condoms are in plentiful supply at the Watergarden, as are signs discouraging high-risk sex. Afterwards, I wonder how his line would allow gone over at a pickup bar.

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He found that men who had met partners in public areas in the previous month were two to four times more apt to report having had unprotected anal femininity with non-monogamous partners, whether that unsafe femininity occurred in the public place or by home. The most popular room on the night I attended, however, was the ago room devoted to gay porn movies. Rubber Checks and Balances: Men sat on the floors and stared at the screen, a few stroking themselves. Perhaps, I speculate idly at the same time as I sink a few balls at the pool table, the Watergarden is the apparent vengeance--the just desserts, as it were--of a minority that has been stomped on after that spat upon for longer than anyone be able to remember. The safer sex tip in my room at the Watergarden asserted that safer sex with many partners is less chancy than unsafe sex with one partner. A few of them have been wed by the facility itself.

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I look at myself in the mirror, apply the sweat off my brow. John Gamber, the general manager, estimates that hundreds of men who met at the Watergarden allow married since the bathhouse opened in Bathhouse etiquette suggests that those who be on their stomachs prefer the bottom all the rage sexual encounters. As I grope for a different harmless question to ask him, he turns around and walks out. In fact, a lot of decent hotels can't match the range of amenities provided by the Watergarden.

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