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It was so nice to be wanted,' alleged researcher Anne Campbell, a psychologist at Durham University in England. If only we could have bottled that.

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Be on the same wavelength here to subscribe to our newsletter. After that 27 per cent would have an business with a married man, while 14 apiece cent would sleep with their best friend's partner. Men consciously or unconsciously exaggerate, although women under-report to fit with social norms. Men include events that women would considerably forget because of coercion or regret. Made myself look cheap and easy.

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After it comes to one-night stands, British men have a greater tolerance than women — with a fairly steady 25 per cent believing they are not wrong at altogether. However, women are changing their views. This compares with just 8 per cent of women aged 65 to 74, despite the fact that older women have had add years to add to their collection of lovers. Apart from your decision to abide by Christ, marriage is the single most central decision you will ever make. Here's a look at the latest stats about French women and infidelity, according to the analyse. This shows that these initial impressions can be part of how we assess ability mates - or potential rivals - after we first meet them.

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