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The system base station 10 has been collecting data from all of the sales, payouts, and refunds of the gaming session. After the players receive their receipts from the sales of the cards, a message bidding be preprinted thereon as a banner before header advertisement such as in FIG.

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The accounting menu 56 allows the listing of a number of system parameters on the display screen or, alternatively, their printout arrange a paper tape printer If the command byte is a 6 or 7, the validation unit 14 will transmit upload a block of data as previously described in FIGS. The link is accomplished as a result of the master device beginning the communications as a result of placing a zero break or on the RxD line of the gaming board Once the audit information has been extracted from the validation unit 14, the appreciation which causes the validation unit 14 en route for be powered down is generated by the system base station This procedure establishes the communications link. This type of accidental array selection results in an inefficiency of operation for playing consecutive games on a minimum interruption basis. The routine 58 bidding produce a prompt on the screen of the display means 18 of the approach base station 10 requesting an input of the current date and time from the operator on a keyboard

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Add, this feature allows extra cards to be sold during intermissions by ensuring that the gaming boards 12 will start together by the end of the intermission. It is mainly for these reasons that the absolute board approach has been used only designed for single games and then generally only designed for the first game of the bingo program. The uploaded data block has been before illustrats with respect to FIG. If a number called coincides with one on a player's board, the player marks the add up to in some fashion on his board. Association of the electronic gaming board 12 en route for the system base station 10 is all the way through a male plug of the cradle 24 which is received in the adaptor ad A different communications format is used, depending on which device the validation unit 14 is communicating with.


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