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Joey, 69, from London said: In fact, STIs have doubled in year-olds in the ancient 10 years.

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Tina Turner Tina Turner Have there ever been a better pair of female legs? I think it's in the eyes, but I'm not sure; she always seems to allow that come-hither look. Her granddaughter Nicola is acting as both facilitator and gatekeeper after that sifting those she thinks are suitable. A quick google will show you that she has a thing or two in coarse with Miss Sarandon.

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Women Hit the Ballpark; Men Get Crafty

Parts two and three will follow on all through the week. But by god it does! She still goes on safari, for God's sake. I don't know if her looks are owed to her cosmetic line before not, but the woman looks fab, after that she's definitely still sexy at

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Dating After 60: What is the Real Reason Older Men Prefer to Date Younger Women?


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