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A few rare variations do exist, however. But you have a clear jar that has turned purple then it was made ahead of WWI when supplies of Manganese Dioxide, the chemical that causes old glass to aim purple in the sun, was cut bad by German blockades.

Dating Vintage Kerr Jars

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How to date a Ball Jar Mason Annoy based on the logo - canning after that preserves. There are plenty of other allied resources, click on the resources dropdown beyond. Warning The Kerr lids have gone all the way through several evolutions since and should never be reused for canning. The Lightning jars appear in a variety of shapes, colors after that sizes and can be a collecting branch of learning in and of themselves. You can donate to to the Fruit Jar News formerly bulletin by writing to: There is another annoy that just says Sealfast on it so as to also belongs to this family of jars.


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