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Birchmount Stadium and Scarborough Arena Gardens. There was a shooting on the Danforth in July

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Kennedy Road Kennedy Road, south of Ellesmere Boulevard , circa Kennedy Road is named designed for the Kennedy family, one of the a lot of early farming settlers in the 18th after that 19th centuries to which Premier Thomas Laird Kennedy belonged, but who settled in Mississauga , who settled along the early acknowledgment road. Mount Pleasant Road Mount Pleasant Boulevard was named after the cemetery which it passes through when it was constructed all the rage the late s. It is the locate of the Toronto Zoo north of Sheppard Avenue. Since there was obviously confusion all the rage the mail system, the logic required a name change, and Schomberg was created apt for Meinhardt Schomberg, 3rd Duke of Schomberg , a general under King William III of England. The church was named Bicentenary in honour of the th anniversary. Borden, whose middle name is his mother's maiden name, led the country through the At the outset World War. The road acted as a driveway to his acre 1. James Basilica sits upon today, at King Street after that Church, was the site of the at the outset church in York, a wooden building built in and referred to simply as the church.

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Area references, therefore, are careful to note whether it is the Avenue or the Boulevard being referred to—although the term the Danforth always refers to Danforth Avenue, and by no means to Danforth Road. George Street and is a continuation of it. The trail was eventually referred as Brown's Line as the northern terminus was a small town, at once known as Schomberg, but originally called Brownsville. North of Sheppard is occupied entirely as a result of expanses of industrial land. Most of the northern section is residential, though the bite between Ellesmere Road and Progress Avenue consists solely of multi-unit warehousing, many of which have been converted into places of adoration. Jameson Avenue ends at Queen Street West; the traffic signal is coordinated with the southern terminus of Lansdowne Avenue, nearby en route for the east. The road ended at the Mills for a time, until farmers en route for the north on the land between the river valleys opened a new road en route for provide an easier route to carry their yields to the St. This building blistered shortly after becoming a cathedral.


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