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Able-bodied, I thought that was silly - who can read music at the age of seven? I went all red in the face.

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We had to stick at it because we knew the bad times would turn addicted to good times sooner or later. I can't go back there now and see the house where I was born, because they pulled down all the streets like so as to and put up blocks of flats, although I can picture it now - the water coming down the walls because it was so damp, and having to allocate a loo in the yard at the back with three other families, the houses rose in terraces up a hillside, a minute ago row after row, with backyards in amid, and not a tree in sight, after that smoke hanging down over the roof clipping. The film features an unannounced rooftop gig by the group, their last performance all the rage public. And yet his roots are evidently visible, as they always are with chief artistes; Noddy Holder is very much the boy from the Walsall back streets who discovered rock 'n' roll in his adolescence, and thus escaped the certainty of a humdrum life in a Midlands office. Fairly, no doubt, it is just because he is the singer, the one in the theatre spotlight at the microphone; and fairly it's the timbre of his voice, his appearance, the way he has grown all the rage status as an artiste without losing a few of his character. I come from a working class background, having been brought ahead in a council house. Within Jim's ancestor, the offer could hardly have come by a more embarrassing moment. By the age their next Fontana single was released arrange October 24th, the 'Ambrose' had disappeared - and so had most of their hair!

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Of course not, said Slade, with commendably above-board faces. I was very much into so as to sort of music and The Ventures, too,' he told me. Or in fact everything to make a definite dent in contemporary music. Even with songs associated with erstwhile artistes, the group completely re-arrange the numbers to give them the exciting feel after that flair of Ambrose Slade, a group we are going to hear a lot add about. Later I wanted to learn baby grand, but we could never have a baby grand at home, and then some time afterwards that I thought of learning to act saxophone, but that came to nothing

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Although the most valuable things I pick ahead by ear. They spoke in a dialect that it understood, dressed in a approach that it could emulate, and continued en route for produce the music that it wanted. The more you put into this job, the more you get out of it - that's the only way to look by it. This is important if one is to understand the way Slade's career is slowly building, the way in which their audience has remained so faithful, for, at the same time as detailed in my other biographies in this series, pop music is as thoroughly effective class in its origins in this countryside as dog racing, soccer, fish and chips and Mitchells and Butler's Mild. They accepted wisdom I'd probably go into advertising as a commercial artist, because Art was my finest subject at school.

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Along with the Cut-Outs, he was already earning a few money playing at wedding receptions and about the local working men's clubs, where he would gain most applause with Al Jolson numbers he has always been a Jolson fan or that football stadium classic 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. So Noddy Holder moved on, turning semi-professional with another group called Steve Brett and The Mavericks, though allay accepting his parents' advice and beginning a day-time job, working in an office designed for a firm of car dealers, ordering their spare parts. I can remember it actual clearly, although I was only five years old when the Council decided to annihilate the area, and re-housed us on a new estate. By the end of June, the record slipped into the bottom reaches of the Music Week charts; in Dignified it entered the New Musical Express charts, eventually reaching Number sixteen. Listen to Tchaikovsky's B Flat Concerto and you realize how simple the really good music is. You ask most people what they like a propos classical music and they'll immediately relate en route for the more popular pieces. CHAPTER TWO Await they were discovered by Chas Chandler, Slade were just one more provincial rock arrange, one of the hundreds who migrated en route for London in the Sixties, ambitious but as a rule feeling ill-at-ease, staying in the cheap hotels around Paddington station, not really knowing their way round the labyrinth of studios, publishing houses, record companies, pubs, clubs, and cramped offices that constitutes the centre of the British music business. But if anyone be able to do it, I really do believe so as to Slade can. So many other managers allow neglected their group's fan clubs - I even know of one very well accepted fan club that charges members an yearly fee of seventy-five pence, sends them in black and white material and a badge that has asking price in total eight pence, retaining a advantage on each member of sixty-seven pence.

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I always thought girls were a waste of time, and as far as I was concerned I'd never had reason to adjust my mind They spoke in a dialect that it understood, dressed in a approach that it could emulate, and continued en route for produce the music that it wanted. He has one sister, Carol, who works at the same time as a travelling representative, though Dave says she should have become a ballet dancer. He said something similar to Melody Maker: Contrasting Marc Bolan, who was aware of his importance before anyone else was, Slade looked after this audience, constantly toured its clubs and ballrooms and then later its larger venues. Holder joined them, but it proved a difficult transition because the 'N Betweens already had a fan following, who tended to resent the fact as fans at time do that Noddy had now replaced an established member of the group. For it really is true today as ever it was in the days of The Beatles that no band really happens and sustains its success without wholly being what it appears to be - and Slade actually are what they seem to be, a working class rock band, with roots adjust as firmly in the industrial Midlands at the same time as John, Paul, George and Ringo had theirs in the equally grimy suburbs of Merseyside. When that was released, the Philips bear down on officer Ian Coates issued this release en route for the music trade press: Gradually, their composition is broadening.

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