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After that all that distraction is not healthy designed for me, either. I was able to exhale, and relax, and reflect on how I am to carry on, in this animation, on my own.

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I remember sitting with him, on this chaise longue, the last night of his life. After that I began to consider the possibility of selling this house. My relationship with him, and with our house, is changing. He would say that to me, often, all the rage many different ways. Sometimes it is a minute ago too much. I made all the arrangements to assume the mortgage, as a widow, as the house was only in his name, when he died. I was blissful to be back.

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I wanted to be surrounded by his things, in the midst of his community, comforted by his spirit. It is difficult designed for me, sometimes, to live where he was, where we were, together. He would about that to me, often, in many altered ways. Yet the thought of letting attempt of it is also excruciatingly painful.

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It has been left virtually untouched since the morning we left here, together, for Gavin's funeral. I am immersed in him, all moment, when I am in this abode. I tidied up, and talked to him, as I often do, at night. Can you repeat that? if I move somewhere else, and I lose him? And all that distraction is not healthy for me, either. I hunt to be surrounded by his things, all the rage the midst of his community, comforted as a result of his spirit. We grew to understand all other's rhythms and ways. I don't appreciate, yet, what the future holds.


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Is not true.

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