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Choose refrain from posting and commenting if you are not a sex worker. Also afterwards 3 months of back and forth bs with Eros, they permanently closed my balance with no reason why.

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PM me your work email, phone, AND a link to one of your ads. The more reviews you get, the more clients you'll see. All they have to accomplish is check out the reviews you've absent, and the responses to those reviews. P is closed for new provider applications. Choose refrain from posting and commenting if you are not a sex worker. Review Specials - a lot of providers offer discounted sessions in exchange for honest reviews. Accept a new link.

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Choose open individual listings to see the circuit dates for each city. Be sure en route for respond to your reviews! Made by after that for people who work in the femininity industry. I've emailed them 3 times at once as well, and still no response before changes on my account. I cannot delay for ever. Most providers won't see you without screening you. What am I accomplishment wrong!? PrivateDelights has a zero-tolerance policy toward human trafficking. I have went on aid Nightshift or whatever the site was called it was something like that and it was about nightshift and trying to accompany if we can possibly get our overviews back or whatever even though the locate is down do you know anything a propos that or is there anyway we be able to go around that.


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To speak on this question.

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