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Meeting right on the beach is beautiful, although the service is terrible. Am down en route for earth and open minded.

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All the rage the shopping complex on Links road athwart the street from Nakumatt City mall. Although all this was going on Omondi not real name a 23 year old collateral guard was alighting from a matatu banner towards the center when he saw a mob walking towards him. The most constant version is that about two weeks back a well known and popular gay be in charge of in the Mtwapa area [16km north of Mombasa], went to the barbershop for a haircut. The police didnot offer any check-up assistance and he was thrown into the cell. Protesters outside Spaki mosque in Mombasa on Friday By Paul Canning Six gay men arrested alledgedly to protect them as of a rampaging mob in Mombasa, Kenya are to be charged with 'having unnatural femininity against the order of nature' and subjected to medical examinations. Il Covo Il Covo is like a flashback to a above what be usual school house party. Head north on the Mombasa-Malindi road. Am very sentimental Am avenue height but not tall..

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