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All through the game, Michael offers to father Meg's child, alluding to the fact that they had sex in college. After a chief backlash from subscribers, Michael decided to accede to Charlie stay with him at the amalgamate house.

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Charlie called the cops. The police showed ahead for a second time, and Charlie tried to tell them that Michael and Bridgette destroyed the pool house, but they were the same officers who witnessed him accomplish it earlier. You struggle to forget them! He confesses that it was boredom so as to caused his own marriage to fail, after that he doesn't want her to make the same mistake. Also, before Bridgette began cassette, Charlie reiterated the accusations from earlier addicted to Bridgette's phone, believing that she had before now started recording. Later that day, Charlie was discharged from the hospital and caught an Uber back to the house, where Michael was inside his house editing a vlog about the incident and Bridgette and Doug were in the pool house.

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Meg and Harold then have sex, while Michael and Sarah jokingly interview each other along with a video camera. Charlie was the barely one of his four children not by his bedside as Angry Grandpa died. Afterwards that day, Charlie posted on Facebook stating that he wishes his dad would break down already. Charlie would make another twitter balance a few days later. It may be a coincidence. The same day, Charlie assured he made it back to South Carolina.

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Karen later tells Sam that she loves him, wants to leave Richard and live along with Sam and her two sons. They attempt into the kitchen and find Richard assembly a sandwich, and the three have a discussion about responsibility and adulthood. Everybody, all and sundry wants to be loved. Most of Charlie's videos uploaded on his channel after June 29th, has more dislikes than likes. Tina didn't like the idea, but felt it would've haunted Charlie for life if he couldn't do so. He confesses that it was boredom that caused his own marriage ceremony to fail, and he doesn't want her to make the same mistake. He called Angry Grandpa, and Angry Grandpa reportedly assured I love you, you do you, animate your life, but I don't want you here.

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Additionally present is Chloe, Alex's younger girlfriend. She also said that Charlie blackmailed her, aggressive to tell people that they slept all together despite her being married. On December 14th - 16th,Charlie and Mike reunited once all over again and put their differences aside for Annoyed Grandpa's memorial. The group once again discusses Alex. Chloe takes Nick to the cast off house that she and Alex were available to renovate. On September 18th,Charlie's twitter balance got suspended for all the vulgar tweets he made against Isaac's family. When they kiss, Sam pulls away and tells Karen not to leave Richard. On February 16th,Michael and Bridgette revealed in a vlog so as to they have filed a police report adjacent to Charlie for his threats the previous dark and told Charlie to leave them abandoned and go live his life.

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