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We flatly refused to pay the bill after that said we would only pay for a beer each and then leave. Unfortunately we where ripped off a strip bar called Excalibur.

Secret Bar Budapest Strip Club

Seemed like threats with bodily harm. Price of the drinks somewhat expensive, but it is worthwhile to chat and flirt a a small amount bit with the ladies. This telephone add up to is: Overall, the responses were very bad-mannered. There will be a girl on the door trying to get you in, saying that it is a strip club after that that you only need to buy individual drink. Exhibitions of emerging artists decorating the walls and creative theatre performances entertaining visitors. But, when purchashing drinks the bill was always different and the change was by no means right, even though the same drink was ordered everytime, I did call the manageress over to explain this, but I was the confronted by the manageress and as a result of the door security where I rightly asked why this was.

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Essentially it is not a club to ball rather a bar or pub but its flair is unique. I was allowed en route for leave in company of the two girls to get to my nearby holiday appartment they waited outside the house to be sell for the money in Euros. Then two considerably big bouncers came to me and discipline me to the bank machine, as a student I was lucky my acc was empty. They demanded HUF, and again it was made clear to me this is what I was going to pay. Accordingly rather than face more threats and achievable death, I took all of the capital out in cash and gave it en route for him. They recomended Hello bar, and we had a great time.

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Absolute ripoff, run by the mob. Also A38 is a restaurant which is quite able but not ranging among my personal favorites but in that a bit away as of the city center area a good abundance for a dinner with good food after that fair prices. They pretended to have abandoned their map on the metro and hunt to go to a place in Regi posta utca. Mainly interesting in summer this open air pub is a great area to meet up, have drinks and benefit from the trendy Budapest nightlife till dawn. Accordingly this time I waited in the alliance while he was taken back to anywhere we were staying by the same bouncer. Kazinczy utca, District 7 of Budapest Web: At this point you are threatened but you refuse to pay. As for altogether you stag party goers, please remember you are ambassadors for your country.

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