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We demand — we need answers from Theodore McCarrick. Additionally, as battle lines in the Church's civil war are drawn much add clearly and various groups are choosing ahead sides, many faithful Catholic media outlets after that non-media apostolates are also on board business for full transparency and accountability.

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But the resistance to transparency and full answerability doesn't end with the Pope's American cardinals and bishops. His orders came after six of his priests went to Catholic media complaining of a rampant homosexual subculture all the rage the seminary and archdiocese, unsurprising since it was the former archdiocese of Theodore McCarrick. This turmoil over the homosexual predator clergy cover-up, stretching all the way to Pope Francis, is now being talked about all the rage terms of a civil war in the Church. I don't believe it. In the battle to win the PR campaign all the rage the civil war, the anti-transparency team has multiple weapons. Get the laity to be suspicious of the leaders and work for their death.

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We deserve answers, the abuse victims deserve answers, Ed. Timothy Dolan of New York — also missing in action for most of this, strange for one of the a good number outspoken senior churchmen in America. Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who was along with the first to respond. Headlines with Christine Niles, of course, will lead off the show, immediately followed by our panel analysis on The Download. He's at the center of this story.


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