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The player that took the banjo must after that head to the circle that has a minute ago appeared in the area. Simply find the monitor that is displaying your symbols, after that note down the new ones that allow now been added to fight among your list.

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This particular boss fight isn't too challenging at the same time as you will be required to kill waves of Zombies and Hellhounds until the Curator spawns. The Boss Fight[ edit ] At once that you have completed all of the challenges, you will want to take altogether five red stones and place them arrange the map in Richtofen's Laboratory. If you happen to make a mistake, the Curator will laugh, whereas your character will address if you were successful. After the electrocution, the summoning key will spawn, followed as a result of a cutscene that will also begin en route for play. New Industries[ edit ] Once this challenge has been activated, head towards D Block and once again kill a Android.

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But you have done this correctly, a burgundy portal will spawn in the area. You will now need to follow the chicken back to the laboratory, where you bidding see a cutscene. Have everyone interact along with the Zombie and then kill other Zombies in close range in order to accusation it. With everything written down, head ago to the Power House where you bidding spot a Ghost altering the levers as a result of using your Shield's Vision ability. Don't disregard to collect the red stone again, which the Zombie dropped exactly where it continuance. Was this guide helpful? Afterwards, be absolutely to grab the final stone that has appeared on the ground as a abandon by the Warden.


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