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Tickets were one dollar each, and as all patriot of the male persuasion became a purchaser, the result proved a financial accomplishment. After we had rested and looked about for a day or two, Mr.

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Afterwards much labor we got our goods arrange the other side and loaded up, hoping to get a good start in the morning. This plan foiled, they were affected to try another - the last alternative, and one that seldom failed. The capital loaner fully supposed his title was able, as it was entered in his individual name and paid for in full along with his money; but it was decided if not by the supreme court; it was treated as a mortgage. Haight made an accumulation in '36, with a space between ten feet wide and roofed over, which had a shingle roof and floor of sawed lumber. Cattle did not trouble me a good deal after that.

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Ahead of schedule one beautiful morning in August twenty-three back, I was at Charles City, Iowa, after that stepping out on the sidewalk, the at the outset person I met was Jake Waller, the pioneer who located on what is at once part of the poor farm. It came on from hot to hotter; I suffered dreadfully. I commenced mowing and haying designed for a man named Strong, who had been living here about twenty-five years, and had a large farm cleared off, and a few good orchards. Seated in the sleigh were Henry S. A log cabin built designed for Vance's store on the east end of lot 4, block 15 on First avenue, opposite the hay market. I may add together here as a finish, that a a small amount rust and some hair gave a flavor to the bacon which is now after that will remain unknown to the present age band.

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I have never been able to ascertain the date of his death, but it is a rumor that he was in the Confederate army and died since the battle closed at Ft. I was kindly arrive by Daniel S. Among the latter were my own parents, leaving me in en route for fight the battle of life alone. We were advised to go on west; afterwards remaining in New York a few being we concluded to do so. We bring into being that we should be obliged to angry a number of streams - many of them quite large - and no bridges, except when frozen over. Haight was the first settler at Rockford on the east side of the river, early in the spring of When 1 arrived the barely meat they possessed was a barrel of hogs' ears, snouts and tails.

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The materials were furnished by Mr. When I arrived, the corn he cultivated in '36 was standing in the field. Wheat was accepted by the local dealers for abstemious goods, but cash was required for groceries. In some localities they tore open the husks on the ears of standing bump. In the winter ofa person arrived all the rage our midst named Brown, not John Auburn, of Harper's Ferry, having a family of seven children, one an infant. A bed was constructed for my parents in a corner of the cabin, with one lap, the two rails being framed into the logs, and short boards laid across en route for support the bedtick filled with prairie feed. Doty acted as all good women would do in similar cases with a child wet to his arm pits in frost water, whose mother was a thousand miles away. I at last succeeded in renting some upstairs rooms, and moved my ancestor in; but when we lighted the animate we found the chimney was built the wrong end down - it was a smokehouse of the first order, and unbearable; so we had to do without animate, and try to cook below, until we could do better.

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Afterwards much labor we got our goods arrange the other side and loaded up, hoping to get a good start in the morning. My father secured the Vance berth for his family when they should appear, and early in May he and I commenced house-keeping there, having for cooking utensils a frying pan and a large exchange blow stove. He sent his teams over all the rage the morning. Yes I was; a child with a shotgun The first cannon old in the town we made ourselves. All the rage leaving Chicago the roads were very approximate, so I bought two wide pine boards to prevent my things from being jolted out and lost. There was another ancestor accompanying us - man, wife and individual child.

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This process was repeated to the ridge baton. At various times during the last thirty-five years, partial friends have urged me en route for write for publication the recollections of my boyhood days which were passed in Rockford. It was a benefit for Mr. Haight, on the north-east corner of the alike streets; the house and garden at individual time occupied that whole block. When I was ferried across, I made for Mr.


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